Delivery & Return Policy

Deliveries & Returns

It usually takes about 6-8 weeks after the purchase is complete. This does not include draft review period and full payment.
June 2021 update: we are currently at 16 weeks 

Your product will be delivered in a wood box looking crate wrapped in heavy duty plastic either by a motor freight carrier or a local carrier with a forklift.

Depending on how your product is shipped will determine how it needs to be unloaded. Some carriers are equipped to unload your product gently into your driveway and others my require you to remove your product and yet others my request you come take delivery at their facility. Regardless, we will provide the tracking number and the carrier’s phone number to determine how you may want to take delivery. 

Please note that all deliveries are curbside deliveries. Do not expect the delivery to be specially placed. If you need it immediately placed in another area other than the curbside or your driveway then make special arrangements for this to happen with your local labors. Driveway deliveries do not include driveways longer than 30 feet in length, unless it is understood it will be unloaded at the entrance of the driveway.

When your crate arrives:

In most cases it is best to hand unload your product from the semi truck unless it is delivered by tow truck or craned into your driveway or curbside. Hand unload takes about 15-30 minutes dependent on the size of the crate and the type of lumber chosen for your product. It takes 4-6 individuals without medical issues with persons able to lift 75 pounds for the larger crated products. For the smaller crated products it will require 3-4 persons able to lift a large sack of dog food (~50 pounds), again, without medical issues.

The crate is yours! The driver will not take nor dispose of the crate your product came in.

Isolated Deliveries

We need to know if you need your product delivered to an isolated location at time of purchase. The transporter will need to know the road conditions. such as dirt roads, limited access, etc. This will give us the ability to confirm delivery capabilities and charges with the freight company. You will be responsible for any additional freight costs  incurred after your product leaves the warehouse if you request a re-routing of your delivery.

Damaged Part(s)

Damage is rare, but does occur. If you do find damage provide us a picture. If it is extensive we will provide a new part at no cost. Please understand we have had folks that take advantage of our generosity, so in order for us all to stay honest we ask that you note on your Bills of Lading the damage part or at a minimum note damage to the crate before signing for the crated product. Remember to take pictures. Pictures and video speak volumes. Occasionally, minor damage (e.g. a chipped timber) occurs. Most of the time this is simply remedied by sanding the part. If you ordered a stained or painted product please note you will be given extra stain and/or paint for this reason. If damage occurs during or after construction we will work with you to get a new part so your structure always looks nice and new.


If you receive a product different from what you ordered just return the product at no cost or charge to you.

If your product arrives so damaged it cannot be repaired to new condition with new parts and your product is not a special ordered product, you may return the product at no cost or charge to you.

Our products are made from highly durable structural materials, designed to withstand years of exposure to the elements. We warranty our cedar and vinyl structures for 30 years.

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