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Amish Wholesale Gazebos LLC (AWG) started as an idea to bring competitively priced quality Amish-built structures to a market otherwise saturated with over-priced products. AWG has a long established relationship with a hard working Amish family in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area. This Amish family has been crafting their Do It Yourself (DIY) products that AWG offers for nearly 40 years. Our strong partnership with the Amish has enabled the DIY idea to become a leader in innovation and change in the outdoor structures industry. AWG is a preferred company where customers can acquire beautiful high-quality Amish products in an affordable price range that makes sense.

AWG works hard to insure every customer gets the best handcrafted product, of the best quality, free from damage and defects. It has been, and always will be, AWG’s mission to sell products at a cost much less than competitors offering similar Amish products. AWG does not compete with big box stores that sell similar-type lessor quality products. Those companies cannot compete with the quality of craftsmanship, care and attention to detail that the Amish incorporate   in every structure cut from the finest wood or vinyl available.

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Our intuitive builder can help you build the structure to meet your needs. If you need more customization, send us a message and we will help build one with you!

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